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Be Productive Not Just Busy!

Updated: Sep 30, 2019

Everyone wants to be more productive, Right? Well, Take a few minutes today, right now if necessary and make a list of everything you plan to do today. Once you have the list then separate each task into one of these four categories.

  • Things that are Important and Urgent

  • Things that are Important but Not Urgent

  • Things that Urgent but not Important and Finally,

  • Things that are Neither Important Nor Urgent

Once you have identified each of the tasks with one of the four categories, then invest all your time working only on the things that Important and Urgent before you invest any time on any of the other categories. Should you finish the items in the first category, then move to the things that are Important and Not Urgent and once you complete those tasks move on to the others in the two lower categories.

You may find that you never get around to the last category, but that you will have become much more productive with your time and you will have completed the things that are truly the most important things in your personal and work life.

Just remember that busy is not necessarily productive, but being productive will certainly keep you busy.

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