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3rd Brain Coaching

Creating value through retained consulting services for your project, business or organization

Partner with Garry M. Spotts Consulting

3rd Brain Consulting is an immersive approach to consulting. It is a retained relationship designed to connect with the client, their needs, and expectations to craft solutions that meet and exceed your expectations from the inside out.  It is a partnership between you and Garry M. Spotts Consulting that focuses upon three distinct areas of your personal development, professional growth, business or  non-profit organization:

  • Strategic Plan Development

    • Develop Initiative Specific Action Plans

    • Identify Success Bench Marks and Metrics

    • Produce Annual Transparency Reports

  • Organizational Development & Training

    • Development of basic agreements for use with employees and independent contractors,

    • Development and writing of training and operational manuals used by leadership, employees and volunteers

    • Conduct or organize training as appropriate to the needs of the organization.

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  • Brand Development

    • Custom Graphic Website Design

    • Logo and corporate branding development to include trademark investigation and registration as needed,

    • Website Maintenance, Revision and Update Service

    • Custom Graphic Design of all collateral branding and promotional materials

    • Development of articles, press releases and press kits for distribution to the media and public

The 3rd Brain Coaching offers a comprehensive bundle of services for one price over the contract term.


As a strategy Garry M. Spotts directly interacts with stakeholders on your behalf, attending and participating in company or organizational meetings in a purely advisory capacity as outlined in the coaching agreement. 


The intent is to provide professional consultation with personal detachment for the day to day operation and key decision-making processes guiding your business or organization.

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