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Leadership Training & Speaking

Delivering powerful learning solutions to Inspire, Inform and Ignite insight

An Adept Training and Speaking Professional

Garry  M. Spotts is a seasoned speaker and trainer with 30+ years of creating and presenting compelling and insightful content to audiences which have included:  Middle & High School Students, Teachers, Administrators and Parents, College Students and University Educators, Non-Profit Organization Staff and Leadership,  Churches and  Para-Church conferences.  Looking for Business Consulting?

His topics include:

  • Leadership,

  • Diversity,

  • Organizational Development,

  • Planning and Growth Development

  • Capacity Building

Workshop Presenter

There are leading edge ideas and developments that are relevant to every industry.  Issues such as Change Management, Workforce Diversity and Cultural Competency are poised to become ever more relevant.  Garry M. Spotts develops programming to examine trends, introduce incisive ideas and to sharpen the tools of your leadership team and staff. your convention or conference attendees.

  • Relationship Marketing,

  • Team Building

  • Community Engagement,

  • Personal Growth and

  • Professional Development.

Keynote Speaker

You will glean from the 30+ years and 100's of hours of speaking experience, 24 years experience as a consultant combined with 40 years experience in Faith based organization leadership, training, support and development Garry M. Spotts is a dynamic, insightful and engaging speaker.  As a keynote speaker his stories and anecdotes drive home with humor the power of the individual and the team as agents of change and empowerment. To see his current list of keynotes and rates, please select this link. Bring Garry To Speak

Garry M. Spotts Leading A Workshop
Talent Development

The value of a well trained team cannot be over-estimated and must not be undervalued. Each person is an investment in the future of your business or organization.  Discover the power of insightful and impactful talent development training with Garry M Spotts Consulting. Let's develop a custom solution for your business no matter the size.

Garry M. Spotts Speaking @ the Homecoming Conference in Chattanooga, TN
Content Creator

Are you a Subject Matter Expert?  Do you need to develop you knowledge into a workshop and training materials?  As a content developer, trainer and speaker I understand the challenges of transforming your ideas into a structured course, or presentation.  Need assistance creating a quality and professional looking presentation of your subject matter.  Contact Garry M .Spotts to get started developing your content today!

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