What Clients Say About Garry M. Spotts, M.Div.,

Garry M. Spotts is an experienced life and professional coach and mentor serving clients across the U.S.


Dr. Michael Phelps, CEO of Renaissance Health, LLC


How would you rate Garry M. Spotts Consulting's Service:  Excellent


What Did You Like Best?

Communication skill-sets arrested my attention. Clearly, mastered the art of listening. He undertakes his client's concerns as his own. I at no time felt alone once I placed my confidence in his uncanny ability to break down and redefine our computerized software challenges and the innate solutions to fix them.


He listens, thinks, then suggests. We are now operational thanks to Mr. Spotts. We intend to continue to rely upon his excellent "third eye" in our business. He personifies what "Total Quality Management" is really all about.

Would You Recommend Garry M. Spotts Consulting To Others?  Yes


Anything to add?

Mr. Spotts, you are genuine and that is coming from a trained, aged, skeptic. Thanks for graciously pulling us out of catastrophic ruin. Indebted, I owe you. You are rare in my world; I consider you a friend.


2501 MIllers Lane #2

Louisville, KY 40216

T: 502.493.6622
F: 502.410.0087

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