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Garry M. Spotts serves churches providing organizational and ministry development services.  Faith-Work consulting focuses on church growth through ministry development, knowledge management, intelligence mining, leadership training, and empowerment and discipleship.


Faith-Work offers Paideia Studies for churches & Christian conferences seeking training and instruction in three areas:


  • Training lay leaders for more effective service in the local congregation and community

  • Empowering Churches and Christian Organizations to identify its vision, refine its focus, and create innovative approaches and tools for achieving their vision. 

  • Crafting and delivering targeted studies for Church-based Bible Study Institutes, Associations and Conference Events, Christian Discipleship, and Spiritual Growth Retreats and Revivals.


There are many across the commonwealth, all equipped with great tools.  We invite you to use a professional speaker in Kentucky to effectively communicate your growth and change message.

Garry M. Spotts, M.Div, Teaching The 10 Outcomes that Matter To God!

Visit The Catalog of Studies & Workshops Offered

Paideia Studies  |  Paideia Workshops

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