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Are You Stuck, Stranded and Struggling, You Need A Coach, A Mentor, Let's TALK!

It's an easy thing to decide what you want in life and from yourself.  The challenge comes in making the decision live through purposed and focused action.  The old adage, "Two Heads Are Better Than One!" rings true in this case.  If you are looking to break free of personal paradigm barriers and move, then you need a life and professional coach and mentor.

A Coach will assist you in:


  • vetting your options for growth

  • assessing your existing skill sets and areas of improvement

  • create an accountability partnership toward achievement

  • managing personal expectations

  • navigating the challenges of new and existing personal and professional relationships

  • creating greater balance in every area of your life

Dynamic Mentorship:  Don't Wait For The Teachable Moment! Create IT!

Teachable Moments may come infrequently and in fact may not come when the are most needed. There is a way to create the teachable moment through understanding the tools of a Dynamic Mentor.  Book Garry M. Spotts to train your team to become "Dynamic Mentors".

Organization Don't Grow Themselves!

Start smart and grow your organization with the right tools & tech.  Explore Your options and expand your opportunities through a workshop on Creating an Environment For Growth in My Organization.

3rd Brain Coaching

Do you have an idea that you believe can become a money-making business?  Are you looking for help learning where to star5t, you need a 3rd brain at the table to help you process through all the decisions you have to make and actions you have to take. The 3rd Brain is a direct engagement approach, extending value without adding costly staff!  Contact Garry M. Spotts to schedule a 3rd Brain Consulting Conference. 

Coaching & Dynamic Mentorship

Delivering powerful personal and professional growth & development solutions

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