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Organization & Business Development

A Life and Professional Coach and Mentor, delivering powerful solutions for your organization or small business.

Get Started Developing Your Business or Organization

You have an idea!  That's the start of a great opportunity.  What is lacking! Why haven't you made the move to transform your idea into an income?  Perhaps it's the lack of time, lack of money, uncertainty about how to start or where to turn for assistance.  

Garry M. Spotts Consulting specializes in guiding idea upstarts through to an actual enterprise start-up.  Whether you are a micro-enterprise business interested in building and supplementing your current income,  replacing income, creating bridge income, developing a high growth potential business  or forming a not-for profit organization, Garry M. Spotts Consulting can guide you through the process.


The guided development of ideas designed to enhance profit, output or effectiveness is a essential to the continued growth of a business, non-profit or and individual. It is a discipline which requires practice and refining to optimize its value.


Social Marketing

There is no shortage of praise for Social Media, it is a monster offering real benefits to those who use it well and wisely.  Using social media to position your brand by building value, creating awareness and serving your customers a richer experience offers dividends unavailable elsewhere.

Digital Presence

A digital presence is no longer a competitive advantage, it is a essential for business operation.  Creating an online presence through a website, content creation and social media presence empower your enterprise with 24/7 availability in the market place.

Organizational Strategy

Creating a business or an organization requires planning, strategy and execution.  Each step in the process demands research and best practices be implemented, followed and trumpeted through out the development and growth of the organization.


Branding & Identity

Branding and Identity are the marks which represent your business to the world.  It is important for customers to know the difference between you and your competitor. Your branding creates the "marks" that make your business remarkable.



Establishing your business as a Subject Matter Expert (SME) in your marketplace makes you the go-to entity for businesses, organizations or individuals seeking information and assistance in you are of proficiency.  Content Creation empowers the perception of your expert value to customers.

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