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Finding Your Way Forward In 2022!

The year is ending, and we are knocking on the door of a new year, 2022. The question is, will 2022 be different than 2020 and 2019? After the lockdowns, shutdowns, shortages, and other extreme events and measures required during the Covid-19, how do you find your way forward into 2022?

Here are a few simple thoughts about how to move forward.

You are headed where you are going.

Step back and review your actions, your relationships, and where they are taking you. Ask the following questions. If I stay on this course, where will it take me? Is the destination where I want to go? Do I have the right vehicle to arrive at my destination of choice?

Your future is out your front door.

Your past is just that; it has passed. None of us can go back and reclaim past glory or redo failed attempts at success. Instead, we must always stay focused upon the future that is before us. Innovations and creativity are all around us. To benefit from the opportunities ahead, we must keep our eyes downfield.

One of the best ways to keep your eyes downfield is to read periodicals within and outside your area of expertise. Inspiration is the source of all innovation. Look for information that inspires you the think differently.

If you want to look out your life’s proverbial back door, then do it with one goal in mind. Discover what your past experiences have taught you, and ask yourself how to use them to move forward.

You can’t steal second base with your foot still on first base.

There are some risks that you have to take to move forward. Be wise enough to know when to move and when to stand your ground. If you haven’t developed that wisdom, then seek out a mentor who can help you navigate. Even in baseball, a base coach tells you to hold up when you plan to round the bases at significant risk to you and your team.

Opportunity Comes Dressed in Overhauls and Looks Like Work.

Don’t be afraid of the work necessary to make opportunities a reality. The biggest opportunities come with the highest price tag. Determine what is required to capitalize on the opportunity. Do you need money, sweat equity, training, or some combination of all the above to capitalize on your opportunity?

Remember that there is no reward without risk. The most challenging battles make for the sweetest victories. You must believe that you are up to the task even if you must invest time and energy preparing to tackle the opportunity. Your success is personal to you, and only you can determine what that means for you.

There are so many other great lessons you can learn that will empower you and propel you forward. Time and space don’t allow a full review of all the great principles you can use to progress. Almost all of the skills you will need to tackle 2022 and beyond are things you can learn. However, the one thing that no one can teach you is AMBITION!

Ambition above all other personal qualities drives life and all progress.

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