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Are You The Nexus Of Your Network?

How many people in your network of friends and associates at work or in the community have met and made connections through you? Once you answer that question you will be able to gauge the amount of influence and personal value you bring to your relationships. If you have connected many people, then you are the Nexus in your network.

You heard me right, you are the NEXUS in your network. A Nexus is a link, but more than just a link it is the causal link, meaning you cause others to connect and in that way you are a valuable point of contact for all the people you help connect to each other. In a way you're like a matchmaker, helping other form valuable and lasting relationships.

Why does that matter, well because adding value to relationships is what makes you more desirable as a friend, a mate, an employee, a business owner, a church member and in so many other ways. You can see why being the Nexus of your network is a great thing to be.

If you are now or want to become an important nexus of your network Make sure that you do these three things,

  1. Make a list of the good people you know and help connect them to other good people who need their services

  2. Protect Yourself by only referring the best of the best to the best

  3. Finally, find out what your connections do and see if you can connect them to someone who needs their service.

Perhaps you'll be the next great Nexus in your Network.

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