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Paideia Workshops 

The Full Ministry Church

6 hours


The Full Ministry Church workshop offers a penetrating look at the life and ministry of Jesus Christ which reveals a call to Full ministry.  A study of Jesus’ declaration of ministry in Luke 4:18-21 requires each one of us to evaluate the work and ministry of our Church in light of His earthly ministry.



Outcomes: The workshop identifies the central message of Jesus’ ministry and assesses contemporary ministry models and their relationship to the ministry model of Jesus Christ.  Specific ministries within the church/organization are evaluated through small group exercises to re-align them with Jesus’ ministry model.  New ministry initiatives will be outlined to re-invigorate existing church ministries or to create new ministries to address the needs of the fellowship and the community in which it serves.



Legend: Ministry Development--MD |  Team Building--TB  |  Strategic Planning--SP
Workshop--W  |  Study--S

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