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Paideia Studies - Overview

Discovering and Using Your Spiritual Gifts


6-8 hours


The Gifts of the Spirit seem mysterious to many believers and are all but ignored by many Churches.  Yet, understanding the Spiritual Gifts and the Biblical instruction concerning their value and use is critical to a church’s growth and the development of mature disciples.


As a study,  it offers a clear and easy to understand explanation of the Gifts of the Spirit while dispelling many of the myths that have grown upon around them.  As a workshop, participants are led to examine themselves through the use of a Spiritual Gifts inventory with the intent of discovering their personal gifts.  Further discussion and work is done to identify existing ministries or opportunities to create ministries for the activation of the disciple’s gifts.  

Study/Seminar or Workshop

(DS-S or MD-W)



Legend: Biblical Literacy—BL | Discipleship—DS  | Workshop--W  |  Study--S

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