Paideia Workshops 

What Jesus Says about Evangelism

6 hours


The Great Commission is the single most important post-resurrection pronouncement that Jesus made to His disciples.  We are partners with those first followers who audibly heard these words and as such are bound to them and Christ in a joint commission.  An exposition of the Verbal Ideas of the Great Commission leads to a review of the local congregation’s fulfillment of our common work.



Outcomes:  The participants examine the Great Commission as a binding document of purpose for each believer and the church.  The Verbal Ideas found in the commission empowers participants to evaluate the church’s ministry and its effectiveness in the light of Christ’s Commission.  A vision statement is drafted using the Verbal Ideas as the litmus test of our current vision’s affinity with Christ’s mission.  Once the Vision statement is drafted, then the Vision statement imperatives are outlined and form the basis of evaluating existing ministry effectiveness and the grounds for creating new ministries in the church.



Legend: Ministry Development--MD |  Team Building--TB  |  Strategic Planning--SP
Workshop--W  |  Study--S


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